Reasons why buying blocks is better than moulding blocks in a project

Moulding blocks

Should i mould blocks or buy it? What’s the cost of moulding blocks in nigeria? These are questions people often ask before embarking on a building project. However in this post we’ll give you good and authentic reasons why you should buy blocks for your next building project.

  • Time consuming & Risks involved
    Block moulding is like another project on it’s own, The amount of time that should be used to focus on the main project will be almost wasted on block moulding. Whereas issues will still arise like, block moulding machine issues, transportation, fuel issues, and most importantly unforeseen weather problem. Taking unnecessary risk e.g Neighbourhood dogs and goats destroying them at night if your site is not fenced. Also, curing after block making process to aid systemic drying is time-consuming (a week or more).
  • Space and logistics
    In cases that you have less space on site, it’ll be another problem to think about on it’s own and even if you still think of managing the limited space available by stacking undried blocks to create space for another production, it’ll lead to cracks within the blocks.
  • Vibration and Texture
    If you mould your blocks on site, there is very high chance that it’ll not be vibrated thoroughly, vibrated blocks are more compacted than manually moulded ones which means the vibrated ones will have more strength & durability than manually moulded ones. Also, the surface and texture of the machine vibrated ones are usually smoother and finer. And most importantly, machine vibrated blocks are easy to lay since their dimensions are equal they save time for bricklayers and automatically makes work faster.
  • On-site moulded blocks production quality
    People think because you mould your blocks on site then it’ll be automatically better because you’re in total control. We’ve heard cases where moulders steal cement, Tell them 35 per bag, and they will produce 40 and above, before the end of the day, they will cover up for one or more bags of cement and the cement becomes theirs. You will only come to count and divide everything by 35 and all will seem right. The moulder will want to pursue more bags a day to get more pay whereby not given proper nor adequate mix. You may be cheated by workers who will claim they have moulded from some certain bags of cement but in reality haven’t, before you know it they’ll be moulding sand for you as block. Whereas there are lot of reputable block industry that’ll never go below standard it is recommended to find and deal with a trustworthy company.

In summary, Moulding blocks has lot of risks involved, if you’re buying then test the integrity of the blocks you want to pay for. There are lot of people selling blocks in site area, Do your investigation and know the one that produce high quality.

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